This is where you come to see lessons on anime and manga drawings.  NOTICE: These lessons are not from a professional.  I repeat... not for or from pros! Thank you!
Lesson One... October 12, 2010
By Maddie (of course!)
Covering the basics of Anime and Manga---- Basically, you should skip this if you know what anime and manga are.

Anime and Manga are forms of Japanese art that have huge eyes and express themselves in a very obvious way.

Anime is the cartoon version of those characters with big eyes.  Here are some good animes to look up... Sailor Moon, Lucky Star, and I have more coming!  Only use the term anime for cartoons. 

Manga is the comic book.  They are traditionally read exactly opposite of a normal book.  All TokyoPop (trademarked) mangas have a stopsign on the very last page, and that page also tells you how to read the book.  Some good mangas are Yotsuba&!, Fruits Basket, Tokyo Mew-Mew, and Tokyo Mew-Mew Ala Mode. (Read Tokyo Mew-Mew before the Ala Mode one!) 

Thank you for reading my lessons! Sayonara, students.

Lesson Two... October 14, 2010
by Maddie
Supplies that you need...

    #2 Pencil (you know, the yellow ones. I call it the HB pencil.  Just so you don't get confused later....
    Mechanical Pencil
    Professional Drawing Pencils (called HB, and 6B, aaannndddd uhhh 5B and stuff like that.)

    Inking pen
Soo sorry you guys. My computer crashed and I couln't work on the laptop.  It was always being used. 
    Nib Pen and its ink and different size nibs
    Felt pen, better known as the marker.  Copic works best, but you can use Crayola, just like me...  

    ArtGum, kneaded, rubber, whatever you can afford.  But don't use those crappy pink erasers.  They suck.
Surfaces to Work on...
    A slanted table
    A straight table
    A binder (it's slanted)
Where to Work...
    A place where there is natural AND artificial light to see with.  Use both, to your own advantage.
    A quiet place.  No TV, rap or rock music, no siblings, just happy silence. You might get away with classical music.

Aren't I forgetting something REALLY important?  PAPER!!! You kind of need paper to work on anime drawing

Use acidic paper (shiny and can yellow)
LIned paper (rips WAAAAYYYY too easily)

Use computer paper to practice on
Use sketch pads
Use professional drawing cardboard.  Its too thick to be called paper, my fine, artsy friend.

Now, it's time to go shopping!

Let The Lessons Begin!
Lesson Three...  October 24, 2010
By Maddie (uh-duh)
Getting Started...

To get started, you need paper.  And a pencil.  And a hearty Eraser, ArtGum, kneaded,  rubber, whatever.   You need to draw a spere (based off of a circle) and a cube, a cylinder, a rectangular prism in the middle of the paper, and a light source in any corner of the paper.
 Using where the light is, you need to shade the 3-D shapes to make them look like it's actually under the light, or above the light. 

This is a great way to practice your art skills in the area of shading and stuff. 
Lesson Four...  July 31st, 2011
By You-Know-Who
The Basic Basics.

Sorry I haven't written in awhile. I forgot my password! So, where were we? Ah, yes, the basics.

So, to start, draw a circle in the middle of your paper. Easy enough, right? Now draw a straight, horizontal line through the middle of that circle. Now comes the tricky part.  You know how your math teacher would always tell you that you will apply your knowledge in real life? You better believe it. Because the time is now. Anyways, draw another horizontal line 2/3 of half of the circle down. And this is the easiest part...

More next time!